Sehgal School of Revolutionized Homeopathy

This school of Homeopathic practice was brought to reality by none other than Dr. M.L Sehgal. The method of treatment is Revolutionized Method fondly known as ‘Sehgal Method’. Since its inception in the year 1983, this revolutionized method has appealed to many homeopaths and the followers of this method have increased manifold.

According to Dr. Sehgal, a patient knowingly or unknowingly can speak anything related to his problem. He could start telling what is uppermost in his mind. Like, he may talk about his pain, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, or about his problems in business or domestic life. He may also express it in a plain way. It is important for us to observe what, how, why, and when he says

The simpler task involved in this method is to take into notice the present feeling of the patient which according to Dr. Sehgal has more accuracy than any other information and to convert the patient's expressions into the language of rubric. The basic point is one cannot afford to ignore certain expressions just because they appear quite common to all patients. This gave birth to the Sehgal Method.

The task of carrying forward this tradition, evolving it and supporting it with on-going research has been shouldered by Dr. Sanjay Sehgal and Dr. Yogesh Sehgal the sons of late Dr. M. L. Sehgal who are affectionately called as the Sehgal brothers in the Homoeopathic circle. With the help of a huge team of Homoeopathic followers that is spread globally, the Sehgal brothers are actively working on research in this field which is backed by the successful application of the concepts in clinical cases.

In the current scenario of various interpretations of Homoeopathy in various forms, Sehgal School stands out as one key which has unlocked the mysteries of Homoeopathy in a simple and practical way.

Sehgal Method has brought forth the basic principles of Homoeopathy in the fore front and made us go back to the roots as guided by masters like Hahnemann, Kent, Hering and others.