• 1What are the benefits of registration?

    You get the power of true experience through Dr. Sehgals cases and video lectures in the form of virtual library. After registration you get your own Account in which you can log in and browse and purchase various videos and also browse various cases and submit your own case. Seigal Expert system users will get videos at discounted rates.

  • 2Is registration free or do I have to pay registration fees?

    Registration is absolutely free. If you are a Seigal Expert System user, u will undergo verification process and your account will be made active.

  • 3What videos will I be able to access?

    All Videos that exist in Seigal Expert system software along with other free videos are available freely to SES users. Videos are also listed under package. So entire package can be purchased for viewing all videos under it. Non-SES users can also view all free videos listed in Media Library.

  • 4I am not able to view full video. How do I view the full video?

    You need to purchase that video in order to view full video. Currently Purchased videos can be viewed only 3 times within a period of 7 days from the date of purchase.

  • 5How much do I have to pay for viewing the full video?

    Cost of every paid video depends on its contents. Videos are grouped into packages also. You can purchase single videos or package of videos.

  • 6After making the payment, how long will the video be available for me for viewing?

    Currently Purchased videos can be viewed only 3 times within a period of 7 days from the date of purchase. This criteria can be changed at any time by the administrator without giving any prior notice.

  • 7I have made the payment but still the video is not available for me for full viewing. Why?

    Your payment transaction must have failed or if the amount is debited to your account, it must get reflected in our account within 48hrs. Your purchased video will be available in your account once payment is credited to our account.

  • 8I am getting payment failure error. How do I make payment?

    There must be some issue with the payment gateway service. Kindly try after some time.

  • 9How many Solved cases are available for me for viewing? Do I have to pay for viewing those cases?

    All the cases in Seigal Library are free for our registered users. You donot have to pay anything to view the case.

  • 10How can I submit my cases?

    Once you log into your account, you must click on Submit case link under your name.

  • 11What is the approval time for submitted cases?

    Submitted cases pass through approval phase from our experts. It can take 3 to 5 working days for your case to get approved and listed in case library.

  • 12How long will be my submitted cases available in Seigal Library?

    Cases in Case library are at the discretion of administrators or experts. However they can be there perpetual.